The National Excavator Initiative

A new, first-of-its-kind collaborative effort designed to increase awareness and help change the behavior of excavators. The initiative will develop videos, state-specific brochures and other newly created electronic and social media materials to deliver underground damage prevention, pipeline awareness and safe digging messages. This multi-year, multifaceted effort is open to anyone interested in supporting and promoting damage prevention.

Our Goal

The goal of the National Excavator Initiative is to present a united damage prevention campaign targeting excavators that provides meaningful information regarding underground damage prevention, underground facility awareness and safety messages designed to drive continued awareness and behavior change.

Disclaimer: A larger, excavator-focused website will be launched on this site later this year, but for now, learn more about the National Excavator Initiative and how to get involved.

Campaign Drivers

Every six minutes in the U.S., an underground utility line (including water, sewer, cable and electric lines as well as pipelines) is damaged because someone decided to dig without contacting 811 first. (We didn’t make up this statistic, see: the Common Ground Alliance(CGA).

Contacting 811 (in the U.S.) is the single most critical action to ensure an excavator’s health and safety are protected, while at the same time preventing financial harm and environmental impact.

The damage caused by excavating is one of the most common causes of pipeline and utility accidents, more than 30 percent of damages are caused by people not making a one call request. — In most cases, this damage is also preventable.

Despite 811 being a simple phone number to call to have underground lines marked, according to the CGA DIRT Report, an estimated 30 percent of excavators still do not contact 811 before digging.

811 is the national “Call Before You Dig” phone number to request to have underground lines marked using paint, flags or stakes. This call is generally free and required by law. (The option also exists to fill out an online form and submit 811 request(s) electronically.)

Sponsorship Options

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    A first-of-its kind collaborative effort with a fresh, new creative approach

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    A partnership with a well-respected and heavily followed media personality, Mike Rowe

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    Strategic alliances with stakeholders across the damage prevention space

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    811 and damage prevention messaging delivered through a branded campaign to excavators across the country

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    Ability to reinforce awareness and use of 811 with loyal users, capture interest with new excavators and the general public.

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    Long term cost savings with a far broader reach

How You Can Help

We are seeking support from pipeline companies, utilities, 811 call centers and others who support the damage prevention community – Anyone with an interest in safe digging.

In order to see more, and for the National Excavator Initiative to continue, we need additional sponsors as well as your financial support!

Already participating? – Let others in the industry know: pipeline companies, utilities, 811 call centers – Anyone with an interest in safe digging.

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